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resort and hotels for sale in costa rica

Hotels For Sale in Costa Rica

We enjoy the hospitality business and like the fact that we can help others while purchasing a hotel or resort in Costa Rica. Whether you are looking to own an existing boutique hotel or you are searching for a site to develop a large resort, our website will provide you with expert advice and exclusive hotel listings in Costa Rica. There are many permitted and shovel-ready properties here and buying an established hotel allows you to profit from the time, efforts and money already invested in these properties by others.

Attracting millions of tourists each year and with tourism increasing by the month, there couldn’t be a better time to buy a hotel in Costa Rica and capitalize on the growing tourism industry.

Purchasing a Hotel in Costa Rica

Varied in beauty across two spectacular coastlines, Costa Rica is a paradise for tourists and an opportunity for investors in the hospitality industry. With a warm friendly educated work force, a favorable investment environment and a business-friendly culture, Costa Rica is one of the world’s finest destinations to own a hotel or resort.

If you’ve ever dreamed of buying a hotel in Costa Rica, this land of Pura Vida makes your dreams easy to achieve if you know where to look and what to look for. There are few restrictions on foreign business and a standard 90-day tourist visa gives you the ability to invest in resort real estate or to purchase a hotel, making achieving your investment dreams as easy as life in Costa Rica itself.

Owning a hotel in Costa Rica gives investors and entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow a business in Costa Rica while enjoying the laid back lifestyle of Pura Vida in one of the world’s top tourism destinations. There are many small to medium sized Costa Rica resorts and boutique hotels for sale in Costa Rica. Our job at Palms International is to help you research the best opportunity for you to succeed by owning and operating a hotel in Costa Rica.

Purchasing an established hotel in Costa Rica gives you the opportunity to capitalize on an existing client base and solid cash flow. As many first generation hotel owners are moving to their golden years, the existing boutique hotels for sale in Costa Rica are available for outstanding prices.

Investing in a Resort or Hotel Property

You may find the busiest region in the Northern Pacific, Guanacaste, the best place to own and invest in a hotel in Costa Rica. Guanacaste is one of the most popular areas of Costa Rica for tourism. Here, luxury beachfront hotels are filled with guests year-round and the close proximity to the Liberia Airport makes this area one of the top locations for owning a Costa Rica hotel for sale along the Pacific Coast.

Jaco Beach and areas like Dominical also offer lucrative options for buying an existing hotel or bed and breakfast in Costa Rica, while further south the Southern Zone of Dominical and Uvita offers outstanding values and buyers are flocking to the untapped opportunities in Costa Rica’s up-and-coming Southern Pacific.

Buying and owning a hotel in Costa Rica takes ample research and expert advice in order to make the right choice for you and your investment dollar. There are few restrictions on foreigners owning businesses in Costa Rica, but you still need all the facts and up to date information to make an informed decision. At Palms International we will help you find, research, and arrange the purchase of a Costa Rica hotel in a seamless and informative process.

Contact us for information on any of our resort and hotel properties or to answer your questions about your real estate purchase in Costa Rica.

As a Hotel Buyer, why should you choose Palms International to help your Hotel?

To identify the best opportunities available in the Costa Rica market
To select from Costa Rica’s largest Hotel inventory
To find the right Hotel and lifestyle for you
To navigate any complex transactions
To provide expert advice in transition from Seller to you the new Owner
For ongoing hospitality support

As a Hotel Owner, why should you use Palms International exclusively?

We know and love the hospitality business
To establish the right selling price
To gain insights into current market conditions
To gain maximum exposure through our extensive marketing outlets
To reach the most qualified buyers as they entire the market for Hotel
To have your property marketed and exposed to dozens of U.S. Hotel Brokers
To take advantage of institutional asset expertise
To help you have a smooth closing process and transition

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