Developing Real Estate in Costa Rica

developing property and land in costa rica

Developing Real Estate in Costa Rica

You will discover that Costa Rica offers boutique hotels for sale to large resorts and commercial properties, as well as land for residential development.  With some of the best investment opportunities in all of Latin America, Costa Rica Development Property exclusively lists and markets the finest hotel, resort, commercial and residential development properties available. From sprawling 1000+ hectares of beachfront land to existing hotels and resorts on the Pacific Coast, we are experienced and uniquely qualified to help you find the right development property for your real estate investment needs.

What Real Estate Developers & Investors Need to Know

With one of the most stable economies and democracies in Latin America, the Costa Rica real estate market attracts investors and developers from all over the world. And, as the overall market in Costa Rica is growing again, the opportunities for real estate development on the Pacific Coast are becoming increasingly better.

With a booming tourism base, low cost of living, exceptional health care, a growing vacation and retirement property market, and constantly improving infrastructure, there couldn’t be a better time to invest in Costa Rica real estate.

The market is beginning to come full circle and Costa Rica is ready again for development and offers extremely attractive and lucrative property investment opportunities. For those seeking the best land and hotels for sale, Costa Rica Development Property is ready to help you. Our team has over 25 years experience in and will help you identify the perfect property to fit your specific business model and plans.

Whether you dream of owning a boutique hotel or are looking to develop your own beachfront resort and residential community in Costa Rica, we provide thorough information on the best development properties available for sale.

In this section of our website you will find information critical to your investment decisions and real estate development in Costa Rica.  Please see our helpful links below:

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Purchasing Raw Land
Land Development and Permitting
MINAE – Ministry of Environment and Energy
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